Quality cutting lasers

Our offer consists only of quality cutting lasers for various applications. These are professional CNC lasers of the GWEIKE brand, which are gradually conquering the world of fiber lasers with their quality. The cutting laser can be used on various metallic materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and others. With a CNC laser cutting machine, you will achieve much better cutting results than with plasma cutting. Fiber laser is the most modern technology of burning machines and brings with it many advantages, including greater efficiency and thus also lower operating costs of the cutting laser. You can choose from a wide range of designs and different performance variants.

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What cutting lasers do we offer?

We are the official representative of the manufacturer of GWEIKE cutting machines for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and in our offer of laser machines you will find only the highest quality ones. CNC lasers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology with great emphasis on the quality of components. The top of the range of cutting lasers is the GA version, which has a fully covered work surface and has two exchangeable tables for minimal downtime of the cutting process. The standard equipment of this laser cutter includes a source from the world leader in the IPG market and a process head from the well-known German company PRECITEC. This fiber laser assembly will cover the needs of most customers. In addition, it can be enriched with a rotary axis suitable for cutting pipes and tubes.

Laser cutting professional version GALaser
              cutting machine motorQuality GWEIKE cutting laser

For customers with less productivity or for those with less production space, there is definitely a suitable compact laser machine in the CN version. Technologically, it is based on the larger GA laser machine, but it does not have a workspace cover and also no exchangeable tables. All other parameters of this fiber laser are identical to a larger model relative. The power range of the cutting laser in this case is from 1 kW to 4 kW and covers the radius of carbon steel thickness from 1 to 20 mm.

Compact CNC cutting laserPrecise design of
              cutting lasersProfessional open cutting laser

If you are looking for an efficient cutting laser for burning only pipes and tubes, be sure to be interested in the LF60MS version. A CNC laser designed only for cutting 3D material can be equipped with up to three moving chucks, which feed the material with each other and the work surface can be up to 9 m long tube. It is possible to clamp a tube with a maximum diameter of 350 mm into the chuck. The icing on the field of automation is the possibility to equip this fiber laser with an automatic material feeder or a 3D process head.

Rotary axis of the cutting laserCutting laser
              and double linear guide3D tubular cutting laser chuck

The robust LF1390 cutting laser is suitable for really precise cutting of metal materials, which has a huge rigidity of the whole construction and a double linear guide to maintain positioning accuracy of +- 0.008 mm. With this CNC laser you can cut fine contours or engrave small inscriptions. We will be happy to describe the differences between all versions of cutting lasers and advise you on a suitable machine for your production. Write us about an individual offer or order a new cutting laser straight away.

Cutting lasers at a really affordable price!

High quality and a really reasonable purchase price, including qualified service and services provided, is our motto and at the same time a motive for further development. As part of a really great price-quality ratio, we bring the right added value to each of our customers. With the order of the GWEIKE cutting laser, the sequence of services provided begins, which leads to the coverage of all possible activities associated with the purchase of a CNC laser. The price stated in the offer includes everything needed to start the operation of cutting lasers and in any case corresponds to both the quality of the laser machine and the professionalism of the services provided.

The service you get with the purchase of a cutting laser

It all starts before the signing of the purchase contract, when at the first contact we address the customer's needs and his idea of ​​a cutting laser. Subsequently, after selecting a suitable version of the CNC laser, we move on to the possibilities of placing the entire machine and equipment in the given space. We will provide a technical drawing of the location directly into your premises. After agreeing on the price and offer, we can proceed to the signing of the contract and the actual implementation. As part of our service and basic price, we provide transport, unloading and assembly of the cutting laser at the destination and move on to commissioning and setting parameters on the required materials. We always keep the standard warranty on the CNC laser cutting machine for at least two years and not only during this time we provide proper service of the cutting laser. We still have most spare parts in stock, and this also applies to consumables. If you are interested in our cutting lasers, write to us and we will be happy to personally show you the qualities of GWEIKE CNC lasers and the service provided.