Laser LF1390

The CNC fiber laser version LF1390 is designed for the most accurate cutting of metal sheets. The machine has been designed and constructed so that the laser head cuts to within a thousandth of a millimeter. Thanks to the smaller working area, which in this case is 1300x900 mm and optionally can be even smaller by 600x600 mm, you can expect products with the finest details and the finest cutting quality. Cutting quality is ensured by the process head from the Swiss manufacturer Raytools. The customer can choose different power variants and manufacturers of laser technology.

CNC laser LF1390


Advantages of CNC laser LF1390

  • Maximum accuracy
  • Quality of execution
  • Used components
  • Double linear guidance
  • Fully enclosed workplace
  • Software with automatic NESTING

Sample quotation: CNC laser LF-1390 2 kW

Technical parameters

  • Working area: 1300x900 mm
  • Maximum positioning speed: 40 m / min
  • Maximum overload: 0.5 G
  • Accuracy: + -0.008 mm
  • Laser power: 2 kW
  • Connection: 220 V, 50 Hz

Price of CNC laser includes

  • CNC laser LF-1390 including the control panel
  • Laser source PRECITEC 2 kW
  • Swiss laser head
  • Extraction including quality filtration
  • Transport and installation of the machine
  • Training of machine operation and maintenance
  • Warranty 2 years

Optional equipment

  • Laser source IPG
  • Laser cutting head PRECITEC
  • Compressor

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This type of laser cutting machine can be used in manufacturing where attention is paid to detail, precision and precision. It is used, for example, in mechanical engineering, in the manufacture of microelectronic components, in the manufacture of spectacle frames and others. It is suitable for carving in carbon or stainless steel, galvanized sheets or even in precious metals. The Swiss laser head is equipped with an autofocus function for automatic focus search by material thickness. In order to avoid unwanted vibrations and deviations when operating the fiber laser, the machine is equipped with a double linear guide and double ball screws. The safety of the firing process is ensured by the fully concealed fiber laser construction, which is fitted with a protective glass for observation of the cutting processes.

CNC laser LF Vzorky LF1390 Lineární vedení LF1390

Quality CNC laser cutter

The emphasis in this laser machine was on precise processing. The qualities of this CNC laser cutter are primarily in the achieved accuracy. This allows you to cut fine contours into thin and thicker sheets with a focus on detail. Suitable laser cutter for the production of frames for glasses or for the watch industry. Tuning the process head also allows fine engraving. A sufficiently large work surface allows you to burn into small format sheets. With the LF1390 CNC laser cutter, you achieve an even cleaner cut than with conventional large-format laser cutting machines. In our offer you will find a wide portfolio of CNC lasers. Each of the laser cutters is suitable for a different application and we will be happy to recommend a suitable laser machine directly for you.

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