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Find professional GWEIKE cutting lasers in our range of laser machines. This manufacturer has many years of experience in the field of laser technology and annually produces hundreds of CNC lasers in various designs. Our official representation of laser machines of this brand offers all services related to the purchase of a laser machine and, of course, we are also a service center for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Visit our main offer and choose a suitable model for your production. Alternatively, we will be happy to recommend everything from the appropriate power of the laser source through the size of the working surface of the laser machine to its optional equipment.

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 The highest model of CNC laser GACompact
              laser machineLaser machine for pipes and tubes

We offer various laser machine solutions. So you can choose from a CNC laser for small sheet metal formats to the highest GA series, which can have a work surface size of up to 6000x2500 mm and can also be equipped with a fourth rotary axis for pipes and tubes. If you are looking for a laser machine exclusively for 3D cutting, be sure to check out our 60MS laser. It can cut pipes up to a length of 9000 mm with a diameter of 300 mm. From the optional accessories, you can then select, for example, a 3D head, which pushes the possibilities of the laser cutting machine even further. We also offer economical variants of laser machines with a portal design. In any case, with the purchase of a GWEIKE laser machine, you get a really great ratio between quality and price. Write about an individual offer and see for yourself.

CNC laser for small format sheetsProcess head
              of laser machinesCutting laser electronics

The laser machine has an IPG source with a power range from 1 to 8 kW. On request, it is not a problem to supply a laser with higher power. The process laser head from the Swiss Raytools already has autofocus at the base, making work easier for the laser machine operator. The positioning is taken care of by very powerful Yaskawa servomotors and the flue gas extraction is solved by a fan and a high-quality filter unit. Laser machines designed for cutting metals produce dust and flue gases during the burning process, which should be extracted and filtered. Each offer and subsequently the delivery includes everything you need, including the transport of the entire CNC laser and accessories, installation of the laser machine, operator and maintenance training, parameter settings and a two-year warranty period. We usually have service within 24 hours of ordering.

Copper sample from a laser machineAluminum
              sample from a cutting laserStainless steel samples on a laser machine

We believe that you are interested in our CNC lasers, in which case we will definitely recommend a personal presentation, where we will show you the laser machine, show burning samples, or we can cut your product directly. Call us or write and we will arrange a personal meeting, where we will answer all your additional questions. Alternatively, we can also visit you, where we could describe all the advantages of a laser machine and help, for example, with its suitable placement in your production. With a fiber laser, you will have a very modern laser cutting machine with a wide range of options.

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