Laser cutter

The laser cutter is all about productivity. Laser machines are also used in production for multi-shift operations. Owners want the shortest possible return on investment from laser cutters. The CNC laser must therefore also be reliable. Our offer of CNC laser cutters includes only professional cutting lasers from the well-known manufacturer GWEIKE. You will be satisfied with these laser cutters for a long time and you will achieve high cutting qualities. The costs of their acquisition are becoming lower and lower, as are the operating costs of the laser cutter. Its efficiency is much higher than with the CO2 version. Below you will find only a basic selection of CNC laser cutters.

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What laser cutters do we offer?

At the very top of our offer is the GA version of the cutting laser. This laser cutter is already equipped with interchangeable tables in the basic version, which allows loading and unloading of material while on the second table the laser machine cuts the material. The time it takes for a laser cutter to change table positions is around 15 seconds. To achieve even greater productivity with CNC laser cutters, the laser machine can be retrofitted with automatic material loading and unloading. Time is increasingly moving towards automation and the world of laser cutting machines is no exception. Therefore, the laser cutter can also have an automatic nozzle change, which again saves time and labor for the CNC laser operator.

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              cutting machineGWEIKE combined laser cutter

The cutting laser described above is used for cutting sheets. If you need to burn pipes and tubes with a laser cutter, we offer a very smart cutting laser version MS. This laser machine is equipped with up to three chucks for a minimum of material residue. This version of the CNC laser cutter can also have a 3D working head, which further expands the possibilities of applications and uses. As with the sheet metal cutting laser, you can retrofit the 3D laser cutter with an automatic material feeder and move production processes closer to automated production.

If the productivity of a laser cutter is not so important for you and you do not want it to take up unnecessarily much space, we have the CN version of the laser cutting for you. This compact laser cutter is suitable for productions where a precise cut is required and there is no need to cut large series. In this compact design, however, you certainly do not lose quality. The CN laser cutter shares a base with a top-of-the-line version and all components and machine components are identical. Therefore, the accuracy and speed of the cut is maintained. However, it is necessary to take into account the power limitation of this laser machine up to 4 kW.

Control of CNC laser cutter

A computer is already an integral part of modern laser cutting machines. This is no different with our laser cutters. The abbreviation CNC hides computer control. The computer takes care of almost all the tasks of the laser machine here. The GWEIKE laser cutter has smart software with many, many clever functions. The system is based on Windows 10, so it's no problem to add a cutting laser to your corporate network to make data sharing easier. The control system interface itself is in English and is very intuitive. It offers a wide degree of flexibility and it is possible to set various parameters of the firing process. We definitely recommend a personal presentation of the laser cutter, where we will be able to explain everything thoroughly and show you in real operation.

Possibilities of customizing laser cutters

After choosing the right laser cutter, you can choose the optimal performance of the laser source. We will be happy to advise you on this selection and recommend an ideal source. Then comes the optional equipment. This can be different for each laser cutter and it is up to you how to equip your cutting laser. If something is not part of the standard offer, it is not a problem to communicate with the manufacturer of GWEIKE CNC laser cutters and arrange an individual change. It is very important for us to supply quality laser machines tailored to your wishes. See for yourself the qualities of laser cutters and the services provided. Contact us! We're here for you.