Powerful burning laser

Another satisfied customer with the GWEIKE 6025GHR CNC laser. It is the largest available burning laser in combination with a rotary axis for cutting pipes and profiles. The main working surface of this laser cutting machine has a size of 6000x2500 mm. The CNC machine also has two exchangeable tables and a cover over the entire working part of the machine. The delivery of the laser machine included, among other things, an IPG laser source with an output of 8 kW, efficient cooling, a voltage stabilizer and, of course, a high-quality filter unit suitable for this type of burning laser. The selected laser head in this case is a top PRECITEC ProCutter with autofocus and other sensors that monitor the burning process. The rotary axis allows you to clamp the material in a total length of 6 meters and is equipped with a pair of automatic supports that work smartly with the chuck.

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Powerful burning laserProductive laser machineThe highest version of the CNC laser

The GH version uses linear motors with a positioning speed of up to 200 m / min. and a robust construction for increased workbench capacity. This is truly a professional burning laser with a number of clever solutions and great cut results. Thanks to the high power of the IPG laser source, you are also able to burn and burn very thick sheets (1-28 mm) very efficiently. The camera system constantly monitors the firing process and the area around the entire CNC machine, so the operator of the cutting laser is always in sight. Optical barriers around the second exchange table or just the hood of the work surface also help with safety.

The state-of-the-art HypCut system allows easy control of the firing process and has many clever features that make the laser operator's job easier. For example, the machine finds the position of the sheet metal itself and adjusts the burning program accordingly, or it can work optimally with material waste, which it minimizes. The GWEIKE CNC laser cutting machine is one of the high-quality and powerful lasers and brings a truly unprecedented ratio between purchase price and added value. If you are interested, we will be happy to show you this type of burning laser at the customer's site and we can also ensure the production of your samples on the required material.