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CNC machines for metal are modern technology for processing iron, all types of steel and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and others. They most often appear in industry as a cutting laser for the shape division of sheet metal or profiles. With laser machines, we often do not use a press brake to bend sheet metal.

In our offer of CNC machines for metal, you will find quality laser cutting machines and CNC sheet metal bending machines in many designs with customization options. We deliver sheet metal laser cutting machines including powerful filtration and other rich basic equipment.

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Metalworking machines

Another very numerous group of metalworking machines are CNC milling machines and lathes or machining centers. This is chip machining and these metal machines can machine many materials to a high standard. The main advantages are in the efficiency of machining and almost perfect accuracy.

In addition to laser burning, plasma cutting technology or autogen is used for cutting metals. A water jet can also be used to separate materials. It is capable of cutting many other elements such as ceramics, etc.

What machines work metals?

  • CNC laser cutting machines
  • Edging presses
  • Plasma cutting machines and autogen
  • Water jet
  • CNC milling machine and lathe
  • Machining centers
  • Sheet metal curlers and scissors
  • Band saw and more

A large manufacturer of CNC machines for metal is GWEIKE, which has been on the market for many years and is still growing. Investments in development are a priority. Thanks to this, we can offer you very modern machinery and we also ensure fast service.

Laser vs Plasma

It is certainly worth comparing the technology of laser sheet metal cutting and plasma burning. First of all, it should be emphasized that laser is better in most applications. This is primarily due to its precision and perpendicularity of the cut. It can burn the fine details of the firing in both classic and stainless steel.

A plasma machine will be more economical to purchase, when the price of this machine for metal is around 500,000, - without VAT. It will also be economical to operate, where the plasma only needs compressed air to burn. However, it does not even remotely reach the qualities of a CNC laser. In addition, this technology is unsuitable for cutting stainless steel, when the area around the cut is visibly burnt and thermally deformed.