Laser cutter for metals

We offer affordable and quality GWEIKE laser cutters with fast service and online support. From our offer you can now choose a laser cutter for metal in various designs for sheet metal burning. We also supply laser for profiles and pipes. We have solutions for weak and very thick materials. Today, the CNC laser with fiber technology makes it possible to cut steel with a thickness of several centimeters. Laser machines are becoming more affordable and are slowly replacing plasma cutting. If you are interested, we will be happy to prepare a price offer with a recommendation of a suitable machine design and laser source power. We are your partner in laser cutting.

I am interested in a CNC laser cutter

Laser Cutter GWEIKEMetal cutting laser machineCNC laser cutter for metals

We offer laser cutting machines with a work surface size from 1300x900 mm to 12000x2500 mm and in the case of a 3D laser with a maximum length of 9000 mm. We have open versions of laser cutters or fully covered, where there can be a second interchangeable table for maximum productivity. Each version of the GWEIKE CNC laser has a wide range of customization options. The color design of the fiber laser can also be adapted. If a version of the cutting laser has appealed to you, it is not a problem to show this type exactly in person and to provide cutting tests directly on your material and with your documents.

The new laser cutters have many clever functions, such as software. It is definitely worth mentioning the intelligent nesting of burnt sheets on the sheet metal to minimize waste or the camera security system. Of those physical assistants, optical barriers or automatic focus at the process head, for example, help the machine operator. The CNC laser cutting machine also protects itself when it is equipped with an obstacle avoidance function. You can see how the system works in practice in the video below: