Costs of CNC laser operation

If you are currently considering the purchase of a CNC laser, it is clear that you will be interested in the cost of operating a laser cutting machine. So how much does burning with a fiber laser cost? For a clearer calculation, we will focus on the price per hour of operation of the laser cutter. We must include the consumption of technical gases such as oxygen and nitrogen in the price. Consumption of technical gases depends on the material (thickness, type) and also on the complexity of firing such as the number of burns, etc. Another factor that interferes with the cost of operating the cutting laser is the consumption of electricity. This depends on the power of the laser source and the equipment of the CNC laser. The following are variable items such as machine depreciation (service life approx. 10 years), service costs, labor costs for operating a CNC laser cutting machine or process head consumables.

Items for the cost of CNC laser operation

  • Technical gas: 8 Euros on average
  • Electricity consumption: 3 Euros in the case of 3 kW
  • Depreciation of a laser machine: 5 Euros
  • Consumables: up to 0,5 Euro
  • Service costs for the cutting laser: 0,2 Euro (calculated within an hour)
  • Salary costs for CNC laser operators: 6 Euro

The listed prices are without VAT and have an indicative information character. In individual specific cases, customers of laser cutting machines differ. Negligible items such as travel lubrication are omitted for simplicity. Another very variable item, which is not listed in the calculation, is the price of the material. It changes a lot over time and it depends on the specific customer, what material he divides and for how much he buys it. Below you will find a brochure which also describes the cost of one hour of burning with a CNC laser.

Purchase price of a laser cutting machine

In our offer of laser cutting machines you can choose a suitable type for your production at attractive prices and we will be happy to specify the calculation. We offer only modern fiber lasers with maximum efficiency in the field of laser burning. Acquisition prices are very advantageous and can be used for CNC lasers of some subsidy program. A laser cutter for metal costs from 40,000, - Euros and we have other model lines at an unbeatable price. We are GWEIKE - your partner in laser cutting.

Our selling price always includes:

  1. Your chosen CNC laser cutting machine with the required power
  2. All necessary equipment such as voltage stabilizer, cooler and quality exhaust filtration
  3. Transport of the cutting laser to the destination, including assembly and installation of all components
  4. Setting parameters on your material and saving this setting
  5. Laser machine operator training for operation and maintenance
  6. Warranty period of at least 2 years for the entire delivery from the handover of the machine
  7. Telephone, online and remote support from 6:00 to 22:00, even on weekends

All you have to do is secure the supply of technical gases needed for burning and preparation of wiring for the CNC laser. We also keep the price of consumables at a very low level at all times. Order a demonstration of the laser cutting machine and see for yourself our qualities.