Remote control

Our GWEIKE CNC lasers have many clever elements that are designed to facilitate the entire production process of cuts on a laser cutting machine. At the same time, they very effectively facilitate the work of CNC laser operators. One of the clever features is the remote control, which is magnetic and you can always place it directly on the machine or near the laser operator. The remote control does not replace the main control panel, but the operator may have it at hand when, for example, it is necessary to move precisely to the edge of a sheet metal or to move at rapid traverse with the machine head. There is also a safety button on the remote control such as Pause or STOP, where the operator of a CNC laser cutting machine can immediately react to an unexpected situation and stop the process during a visual inspection of the burning process. Using the remote control of the CNC laser, it is also possible to find the position of the sheet, when the machine itself finds out the exact size of the sheet and its position. You can then use the automatic nesting of blanks for the type and shape of sheet metal used. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Remote control for CNC laser