Sheet metal recognition of CNC laser

A novelty that will be appreciated by every user of a CNC laser who does not like to waste material. The system of the Cypcut laser cutting machine has long been equipped with automatic nesting, which we optimize the placement of various shapes of cuts and their numbers on the sheet so that the burnt material is used as much as possible. Now with the clever "Visual Contour Recognition Technology" function, all you have to do is take a picture of the residual material and transfer this photo to the system, where a field will be automatically marked for further use and where you can fold the cuts. Then you put the used piece of sheet metal on the work table of the CNC laser, mark the position of the sheet metal and the machine can start burning the desired shapes into the residual sheet metal, which you will make maximum use of. Don't waste material unnecessarily and get a new GWEIKE CNC laser cutting machine with a lot of clever functions, which are already in the basic favorable purchase price. Come and see for yourself the qualities of our CNC lasers. We will also be happy to prepare a non-binding offer for you.

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Sheet metal recognition on CNC laser