Dividing lasers

Cutting lasers are intended for industrial production, where they are used to shape metal materials. CO2 lasers are used to cut wood. In our offer you will find fiber lasers of many designs, which impress with the quality of processing and the purchase price. The dividing laser uses a beam guided into the process head for its cut. It directs it into the cut material. The resulting effect is very precise and clean.

I'm interested in a dividing laser

The purchase price of cutting lasers depends on the technology, equipment and design of the CNC laser. However, the price range varies from CZK 500,000 to CZK 5,000,000. The GWEIKE brand laser belongs to the top segment in the fiber laser category. A great advantage also lies in the wide portfolio of offered models. You can choose from open versions, covered versions with exchangeable tables or combined laser.

How to choose correctly?

A dividing laser is sold in many variants and it can sometimes be difficult to choose the exact one you need for a given application. The basic parameters are the work surface, the power of the laser source, the control system, the type of design and equipment. You can find almost everything in our offer:

  • Work surface from 1300x900 mm to 6000x2500 mm
  • Tube laser with a length of 9000 mm
  • Power source from 1 to 12 kW
  • All types of execution

The basis is to determine the size of the working surface and derive the design of the dividing laser from this. The strength of the split material is important primarily for performance. The source and its power also determine the dividing speed. We recommend consulting with an expert in the field of laser metal cutting. Contact us and we will help you choose the right laser for your production.