Metal laser cutting machine 3015P

We present to you a brand new CNC machine for laser metal cutting with a working surface format of 3000x1500 mm. The CNC laser designed exclusively for cutting metal sheets has compact dimensions of length: 4700 mm, width: 2300 mm, height: 2200 mm. The 3015P is fully enclosed for maximum safety and has one pull-out table. Control is very simple and material handling is completely trouble-free. This fiber laser is available thanks to the low purchase price, which starts at 40,000,- euro excluding VAT.

Laser cutting with a CNC machine


Advantages of the 3015P

  • Compact dimensions
  • Extendable work table
  • Safety cover
  • Sectional suction and filtration
  • CCTV
  • Smart laser cutting software
  • Affordable purchase price

Efficient laser cutting of sheet metal

The power spectrum of the laser source covers most of the demand for this type of cutting laser. The power of the fiber laser can easily be 4 kW, which with a reserve is enough to burn a sheet of structural steel S235 or S355 with a thickness of 20 mm or a sheet of stainless steel with a thickness of 12 mm. Of course, the performance of the laser machine can also be lower.

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The manual pull-out table from the front of the machine was designed for comfortable handling and easy operation. The locking is automatic and the CNC laser will not start the program until the table is secured. Unloading finished blanks is also easy, and smaller blanks can be pulled from drawers under the laser cutting machine. Effective sectional fume extraction, including a powerful fan and filtration, ensure a clean working environment. The operator of the laser cutting machine has monitoring available thanks to cameras.

CNC laser with pull-out tableLaser cutting of
              metalsLaser cutting workspace

Quality laser cutting of metals

Exceptional cutting quality for metal materials can be achieved using a fiber laser and technical gases. Nitrogen is mostly used for laser cutting. Nitrogen is highly recommended for stainless steel, aluminum or copper, as there is no heat distortion (or only minimal) in the cut. With a thicker sheet of structural steel, it can be fired with the help of oxygen. Laser cutting is non-contact and the cutting of metals takes place by concentrating the beam in one place, where extremely high temperatures are reached. By reducing the power of the laser source, you can also engrave (describe) in addition to cutting.

Cut materials on a fiber laser

The 3015P version of the laser can cut most industrially available sheet metal. The thickness of the material is from 0.3 mm to 25 mm for classic steel. The cutting resolution is around 0.02 mm. The following metals can be cut on the GWEIKE 3015P CNC laser:

  • Construction steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized sheet
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper

Cutting with a CO2 laser

A filament machine is not the only suitable technology for laser cutting. CO2 devices expand the possibilities of burned materials to other than metallic ones. At the same time, CO2 is also suitable for laser cutting of metals. The possibilities will be expanded to include materials such as wood and plywood, plastics or glass.

Important factors of sheet metal laser cutting

For effective results, the interplay of several factors is needed, which directly affect the quality of laser cutting. First of all, it is the power of the source itself, which not only determines the maximum thickness of the cut material, but also indicates the maximum possible cutting speed. The speed is another very important parameter for a CNC laser. Furthermore, we have to mention the diameter and design of the nozzle, which has a huge influence on laser sheet metal cutting and on the consumption of technical gas. Another factor is precisely the working gases and their pressures, which are systemically adjusted. Last but not least, to achieve maximum quality, it is necessary to correctly set the focal point in the cutting head.

High added value at an affordable price

The new GWEIKE 3015P laser cutting machine brings a combination of compact dimensions without losing the safety cover. Productivity is also at a very good level. By ordering this version, the customer receives high added value in the form of a truly modern laser, and the purchase price is more than competitive. With the sale of the laser comes the appropriate service, including transport, installation, training, warranty and follow-up service. Discover the true value of laser cutting with GWEIKE machines. Arrange a personal sheet metal cutting demonstration or ask for a tube laser as well.