Burning machine

The category of burning machines includes laser, plasma or autogenous technology. Burning machines are used mainly for cutting metal materials, not only sheets, but also 3D semi-finished products. In the case of a laser cutting machine, the beam is generated in a laser source, then guided by a fiber into a process head, which directs the laser beam to the material being divided in this way. Plasma burning machines, like CNC lasers, use a source (plasma unit), which creates an arc in the plasma torch. Thus, in the case of CNC plasma, the material is burned by a plasma arc. Autogen uses the combustion of gases and thus burns and separates the material.

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Burning machines and technologies

Each of the above-described cutting machine technologies has applications in various applications with different demands on accuracy, cut quality, speed and material thickness. If we are to start with the most precise cutting, we must mention a laser cutting machine. This is a modern technology (fiber laser) that achieves really great results. The CNC laser is very precise, has a clean cut and nowadays it is possible to cut thicknesses of up to 40 mm of carbon steel. It is also suitable for burning stainless steel. Plasma cutters are one of the most widespread cutting machines. This machine has a slightly worse cut quality, but with its acquisition and operating costs, it is also suitable for smaller locksmithing and other metal production. Plasma cutting machine is commonly used for thicknesses from 1 to 40 mm and especially with thicker sheet metal has its place as a solid burning machine. If it is necessary to divide larger thicknesses than the above-mentioned, it is worth mentioning in this case autogenous cutting, which has its justification in larger steel thicknesses.

Choosing the right burning machine

If you are looking for a suitable burning machine for your production, you must first clarify the application and the material used, including the range of thicknesses. An important factor for decision-making is definitely the maximum price of the investment. Just to give you an idea, when buying a CNC plasma, it is not a problem to fit into a million crowns with the purchase of a plasma burning machine. The same will apply to the autogenous machine. In the case of acquiring a laser, it is necessary to count on an amount certainly greater than one million crowns. The price of the machine is mostly made up of its performance and optional accessories. We will be happy to help you choose a suitable burning machine and recommend a suitable machine exactly for your application. We will prepare a non-binding offer for your idea and, if you are interested, we will provide a personal presentation of the selected machine.