Filter unit

We supply a quality filter unit for all CNC lasers as standard. During the burning process, smoke and dust are generated, which must be ventilated and filtered for operator comfort and work safety. Part of the basic price of our CNC laser cutting machines is therefore the implementation of extraction, which includes sufficient power for flue gas extraction. It includes a powerful fan that is able to extract a larger percentage of flue gas. These are then filtered through filter media - PTFE membranes. The filter unit of the CNC laser is equipped with a self-closing function and is therefore very maintenance-friendly. The machine operator only has to take the waste out of the drawer where the knocked material is collected once in a while. The filter unit manufactured and supplied by us is also suitable for welding shops or other dusty CNC machines. For more information do not hesitate to ask us. We are a manufacturer of quality filtration equipment for CNC machines.

Filter unit for CNC laser